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Some Thoughtful Mother’s Day Flowers & Gifts Ideas


Some Thoughtful Mother’s Day Flowers & Gifts Ideas

If someone deserves to be showered with love on their special day, it’s our moms. She’s the reason we are here, the one who brought us into the world of the living. Our first teacher and without a doubt our first and closest friend. She is the one who loves her children unconditionally and does not expect anything in return except for seeing us as successful individuals. So, Mother’s Day is just the perfect occasion to tell our mothers how much they mean to us and that we love them with all our heart.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 21st month of March. People cherish this day with their mothers along with expressing their love and gratitude towards them. Our mothers work so hard in taking care of us and upbringing us. They make sure that whatever they do results in something positive for their children. Well, for me each mother is a super creature, a wonderful lady I must say and one day does not justify the efforts she does. But this day is designated for her so we should make the most of it by celebrating it with enthusiasm and make our mother’s feel special.


Flowers are one way of expressing feelings and buying gifts makes the other person feel special. Considering the scenario here, that special person is your mother. For the gifts, try buying those items that your mother likes or take her out to lunch somewhere. But getting her some flowers is a must.

Mega Bouquet
Handtied Bouquet

There are multiple options among flowers you can give to your mother. Let’s consider some common ones.


Gerbera is considered Mother’s Day flower in multiple countries across the globe. These are among the oldest cultivated flowers in the world. Gerbera symbolizes purity, cheerfulness, and loyal love, all the perfect reasons for them to be used as Mother’s Day flowers. We feel gratitude towards our mothers as they have taught us the difference between right and wrong and helped us shape into the amazing individuals we are today. They have a long-lasting and fresh fragrance and are widely used as a replacement for roses. These serve as a great addition to a bunch as well.


They bloom beautifully and are available in multiple colors all across the world. Skipping the reds as it is more related to romance, opting more for pinks and whites will make just the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet for your wonderful lady. These are a classic, if you cannot think of any other flower option roses are your key solution.

Thinking about getting some flowers? We have flowers of all kinds and make some magnificent bouquets out of them. In our collection, we have the Mega Bouquets, which are huge and so adorable, and the Handtied Bouquets, well, we pick up the flowers and tie them flawlessly by hand. We focus on style and promise not to compromise on quality.



Vase Arrangement L021
Vase Arrangement L022

If you think only flowers will not do the job, go for flower vase arrangements. The White Boutique has some exclusive taste in design. We have come up with some modern and minimalistic ideas for flower vases that will suit you just perfectly. Furthermore, flowers amplify the beauty of the space they are placed in. And I am sure our mothers love some home décor.

Large vases are not only used and kept for occasions; a simple vase will do no harm if placed randomly at home. It will just add to the décor with some freshly picked sweet-scented flowers placed within it.

If not a big one, a mini-size flower vase exclusively for your mother will make her the happiest. You can have that placed at her bedside table or on her dresser to beautify her own little space. And bet me she will remember you with a smile whenever her graze will meet the vase.


Rectangle Acrylic
MOM Letter Cake

Find me a lady who says no to sweets. Great, there are none. This Mother’s Day send some sweets to your mother just like she used to treat you with sweets when you were young. A box full of sweets will make her remember how you used to run for sweets as a kid and how much she loved treating you with some. Dessert boxes are a great option to consider at special occasions like these. Love is a sweet feeling and so is care, so celebrate this Mother’s Day spreading smiles and of course some sweets as well.

Show up your Pinterest-ty side and get a customized sweets boxed covered with some flowers. The White Boutique offers you a variety of different styles and creative designs to choose from. Let us know the flowers and the sweets, place your order and we will do our magic for you.

Round Dessert Tray
Acrylic Tray


Mother’s Day is all about making your mother feel special. It is a good gesture to express our gratitude and love towards her by buying her some flowers and gifts. Choose the items your mother loves the most and make this day memorable for her. These are the times to gather love and soak in some spell bounded moments with your family. And for the gifts part, The White Boutique has got you covered. All you have to do is place an order and we will make sure it is delivered to you on time. This Mother’s Day, let’s spread joy together!

MOM Flower Stand

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